Appeal for help

Dear friends,
For many years we have been searching for a place where we could build the King´s Kids base for the Czech Republic. In the autumn 2018 we found out that there is a real estate for sale in the proximity of the city of Olomouc that has been already used as a base for Christian activities. You can read more about this place here:

After due consideration we have decided to buy this property and move there as a family this summer (2019).

Missionary couple that lives in that house would like to sell their house to us and they would be happy if it served to God´s kingdom in future as well. However, the amount they require for the house is really huge for us (we are talking about millions of Czech crowns) and absolutely out of our possibilities.

That is why we would like to as for your help. First of all we need enough funds to buy the property. If we ever needed some support as a family, it is now. If you would like to help us in any way, please contact us here:
or via Facebook:
Thank you very much.
Krupička family