2022 – Kingdom Kids from Holland

Kingdom Kids from Holland were the historically first mission team to stay at our mission base in Podskalí (near the city of Olomouc).

Our family and Řadas family from the city of Hradec Králové joined the team in Poland at the King´s Kids conference called „Shine“. Dozens of King´s Kids teams from all over Europe (and also the KK El Paso team from the USA) came to this conference in the midst of July. We worshiped the Lord together, sought His will and learned from Him how to spread His Kingdom. A very special guest Dale Kaufmann from the USA – a founder of the King´s Kids movement who does not fly over to Europe so often now because of his age – ministered by the Word of God most of the time. He felt a great urge from the Lord to attend this conference these days, because nowadays the Lord prepares great changes in Europe that are comparable with the Iron Curtain fall. This is the reason why this conference had strong prophetic dimension and was preparing us for the times to come. It was strongly emphasized that it is not enough to do just „good deeds of the Lord“, but to do them in Him and with Him at the same time.

The Dutch team filled our home with life and worship! We together listened to God´s voice and the Lord showed us – especially through children – where and to whom we will minister. One girl, for instance – saw a picture of lady in sunglasses and hat, whom she later really met and the lady eventually received the Lord into her heart.

At the Lord´s impulse we decided to go to the city of Ostrava and praise the Lord and spread His kingdom at the Masaryk´s square in Ostrava. Worship, dances and testimonies filled the whole space. We had the opportunity to testify in person to many people and pray with them. We also bought some food for the homeless people and give it to them together with the testimony of His love to them. We shortly worshiped and prayed in the place where the Ostravian Jewish synagogue – that was burnt down in 1939 – used to be. There is a memorial of 8000 Ostravian Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust here.

During the intercession for our nation we experienced a strong God´s presence together. We also had a special prayer meeting at the place where a spring of local sparkling mineral water springs up. The Lord had been showing us not only the prophetic pictures concerning the upcoming awakening, but he also spoke clearly that the harvest is ready now!

This we experienced especially in the city of Olomouc. The Lord repeatedly showed us the picture of the fountain in the park so we went to the fountain and spent there an afternoon with prayer and worship. The park was rather parched and not many people were present there. In spite of that we testified to few of them. Second day we went to the same place in obedience to our Lord and we divided into three groups: one group constantly worshiped the Lord, the second one went around the park and prayed and the third group talked to people. God´s presence was strong and we really talked to people and testified to those who were opened and prayed for them for several hours without stopping. Some rock festival took place at the opposite end of the park that day and there probably were some tattoo parlors presenting their work so half naked tattooed men were strolling through the park and many of them heard the gospel. The peak of the day was that one young man was so touched by the Lord that he made an instant decision to follow Him and was baptized on the spot in the fountain. His whole family gathered around – half of them were believers and they were really thrilled and excited about it and the other half were non-believers and these were shaking their heads in disbelief :).

We also went to Prague with the Dutch team and we had a great evangelization meeting at the Wenceslas Square.

On their way back to Holland one of the cars was involved in a serious traffic accident – they were swept by a truck on the motorway. There were 4 people in the car including the leader of the team. In spite of the fact that the car turn around in the air twice they all escaped almost unscathed. Glory be to God!!!

Video Shine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=dL_41E77H0M&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2kKfACOFkLlC4taLE0-IL_exjW5dNYBGaHsamuQt5miuPhqMbQUYTs4OM

Video of the baptism in fountain:

Video from baptism in swimming pool:

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