El Paso Project

For many many years we have been searching for a place where we could build King´s Kids base for the Czech Republic.

At autumn 2018, we have found out that there is a real estate for sale in the proximity of the city of Olomouc that has been already used as a base for Christian activities (prayers and worship, worship camps for kids etc.). After visiting this place and after due consideration we would like to buy this property, move there and build the King´s Kids base in this house.

We are now in the first phase of buying the property: we are transforming the KK association into a new legal entity, presenting the project to potential sponsors, etc. In July 2020 we have to pay the first CZK 2 million (about 74.000 EUR) and then we will be able to start using this property and prepare it for our purposes. In July 2021, we would like to move to this house as a family and the base could begin to serve our purposes all year round. We would like to ask for support – not only financial, but also for prayers and practical help.

The KK ČR base would be officially included in the network of similar bases of the worldwide YWAM movement (Youth With A Mission) and would serve interdenominationally for the following purposes:

  • Mission and training KK camps
  • Family camps and weekend activities for all generations
  • Preteens strategy programs (preteens with and without parents)
  • Base for KK mission teams from abroad
  • Bible Schools and Seminars 
  • All year round activities for children and youth 
  • Missionary opportunities and facilities for foreign missionaries
  • Individual service to families – healing relationships, finding and consolidating vision and God’s calling
  • Retreats for servants
  • Recreation of families, especially the socially disadvantaged

In case you have any questions please contact us at: info@kingskids.cz

Bank account info and Pay Pal please find here: http://www.kingskids.cz/kontakt/

For this project support please use variable symbol 2020 or write „El Paso“ in the recipient´s information box.

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