King´s Kids Czech Republic mission base

I would like to inform you that in the second half of August 2021 we – as a family – will move from Brno to another place near the city of Olomouc.

We believe that after many years a dream that the Lord put once in our hearts about a place dedicated to Him and His Great Commission – is finally coming true. The mission base of King´s Kids Czech Republic is not a mere project to us, but more likely life – continuation of what we have been doing till now, however upgraded to a different level. For Christ and His gospel we are now leaving what is dear to us and entering new things.

Even though the King´s Kids base will be opened for people from all denominations, we – as a family – will join the local Word of Life Church in Olomouc.

The King´s Kids Czech Republic base will be officially incorporated into the worldwide network of similar YWAM (Youth With A Mission) bases and will serve interdenominationally to the following purposes:

  • Mission and training KK camps (and other mission organization camps)
  • Family camps and weekend activities for all generations
  • Preeteens strategy programs
  • Base for international KK mission teams and other mission teams
  • Bible schools and seminars
  • All year-round activities for children and youth
  • Mission opportunities and base for foreign missionaries
  • Individual ministry to families
  • Retreats for pastors, leaders and other church ministers

I am convinced that the Lord is preparing us for the time to come and perhaps we cannot even imagine now what all purposes this place will be used for in future.

The arrangement with the property owners is following now:

After the 15th of August 2021 we can move to the base as a family. After September, the 15th 2021 a Pre-purchase Agreement will be signed and a deposit on purchase price will be paid. The remaining amount of money necessary for purchase of the property will be divided into monthly instalments, which we are bound to redeem within 10 years. Provided we make a deposit of CZK 2 millions, the rest of the amount – CZK 1,2 million – will be divided into the above mentioned monthly instalments for the period of 10 years. KK Czech Republic will be also entitled to use the base for its activities immediately.

If you wish, you can support us in several ways:

1. We will very appreciate every prayer – for the arrangement of practical matters – moving from Brno, signig and wording of the purchase contract, enough strength etc.

2. You can also help us to collect the purchase price deposit at the highest possible amount. We are bound to pay the deposit after the 15th of September 2021 from our King´s Kids Czech Republic account: 107-6660880207/0100

You can also donate here:

3. You can support us financially as a family to have enough finances for moving from Brno to Olomouc and to bridge over the time before we start our new jobs in the city of Olomouc. Our private family account is here: 6976250287/0100

4. You can help us with the monthly instalments for purchase of the property by supporting us regularly every month to our KK Czech Republic account:

107-6660880207/0100 Variable symbol: 101

All your question please send directly to:

I would like to thank you all for your kind favor and support and I am looking forward to meeting you sometime at Podskalí while building God´s Kingdom!

In His love

František Krupička with family

Here is pdf file: